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Over the last 3 years LandingNet has worked rigorously with Payplan, one of the leading debt advisory services in the UK, transforming their online turnover from £100,000 to in excess of £5 million.

By building a site with search engine optimisation in mind, which included a well-planned navigation, masses of targeted content and a detailed link building program, Payplan has gained a massive boost in search engine rankings.

Closely supported by a highly effective and constantly revised Pay Per Click campaign, over all the major search platforms, Payplan are now able to control the level of enquiries on a daily basis, which allows them to cater for seasonal fluctuations.

It has been a pleasure to work with LandingNet over the last few years, their knowledge and hard work has been invaluable to the company and now represents over a third of all our business gained.

Rachel Duffey, Acquisitions Director. Payplan