Dream Chalet

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Dream Chalet provide a full service for those looking to purchase a chalet abroad, catering for a wide range of budgets with no fee required from the customer.

Their target audience is very specific and the service they offer is part of a small niche market. After conducting detailed customer profiles LandingNet were able to pinpoint specific demographics to target. With a large database of properties on the website, many hours were required to ensure that the listings would be beneficial when search engines scanned the site.

All campaigns had to be carefully targeted to the relevant geographical areas where properties were available; otherwise the budget would rapidly disappear in addition to providing clicks that would never convert.

We are developing a new version of Dream Chalet look below for a sneak peak.

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“LandingNet have assisted us with ongoing website consultation and greatly improved the number of referrals we have received. We look forward to continuing to work with them in 2007.”

Juliana McLean, Senior Manager for Dream Chalet