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The all-conquering force that is Google PLC has dominated internet search across the globe, but it still has one weak area – local business search.

Imagine you need to look for “plumbers in Sleaford” or a similar service in your local market town – you can try Google, MSN, Ask etc but invariably they display results from nationwide plumbers as only larger companies can afford the marketing budgets to advertise via search engines.

Just before Christmas we were approached by Click Sleaford with an exciting plan which we simply had to get involved with. Click Sleaford planned to build a local business directory which would be promoted offline, generating an online community which would allow promotion of purely local businesses.

Overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and charm, we knew the project would be a roaring success and so took their initial design to begin work on the PHP and MySQL development whilst the design was broken down into elements for recreation in XHTML and CSS.

The brief was to create a Local Business Directory that would allow various adverts:

Key features of the website were to include:

With an Admin area giving Webmasters control over:

A search algorithm was developed so that businesses and categories could be found quickly and easily, meanwhile a Wordpress Blog was installed to allow easy updates of the news section.

Ensuring the whole site was ready for search engine optimisation was high on the priority list, so a clear and structured approach to the website structure was essential, with a mod-rewrite to ensure all URL’s included the business classification names.

Installation of Google Analytics was next on the list so that vital data about how users interacted with the website could be reported on once the site had been live for a couple of months.

To complete the project we scoured the internet to find a suitable weather feed and created a set of images to be displayed depending on the weather conditions.

Check out the website for yourself and see what you

Before long, you should see various other Click websites pop up, as the system has been developed to run multiple sites from one central system, so Click Newark, Click Bourne or Click Grantham may soon be alive on the internet.