The Finer Points of Web Design

When asked to assist in the marketing of a website we often come across serious issues which need to be resolved if the website is to be commercially viable.

Our in-house designers can offer a wide range of services from quick consultancy to a full site build and provide a wealth of knowledge.

Common problems...

Browser Incompatibility

With more and more choices of software available to view web pages, ensuring your website is displayed correctly by all the major browsers is essential - otherwise your potential customers might think they are looking through a kaleidoscope!

There are several browsers available, the most common is still Microsoft’s Internet Explorer but there are several versions, each displaying web pages slightly differently. However, Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera are now becoming more popular and should not be ignored.

browser logos

Brand Development

Never underestimate the power of a brand; it plays an immense role in the long-term development of your company. We can assist in developing logos, themes and setting a tone of voice so that your company appears consistent, professional and helpful.

HTML Versions of Flash Sites

Search engines still don't like Flash sites as they struggle to read the content within the site. We can help build a HTML version of your Flash website which can then be optimised so that search engines can read your content accurately.