Meet The Team

Look how lovely and adorable we all are....

Dom Sterland

Dom Sterland - Director

Looks after both Business Development and managing the company (well, shouting at us when the elastic band fights get too serious!)

Some say his webbed feet are the product of many centuries of evolution, we suspect he spent too much time in the Fens as a child, either way Dom is all about brains, not brawn - when we can't figure out how to program the microwave, Dom uses his 1st in Computer Science to rescue us! (Although he still gets beaten by his daughter on Mario Kart!)

Years of developing websites has sadly taken its toll on Dom's hairline, but he continues to excel in the field of digital marketing.

Matt Parkinson

Matt Parkinson - Director

Usually guilty of the sickest jokes in the office, Matt has worked at LandingNet for the last four years, being involved in the evolution of nearly all our core business websites.

Matt is trained in the dark art of marketing through several CIM qualifications, as well as being a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, Qualified eBay trainer and has acquired a wide-ranging knowledge of online marketing and website development. Financial Services have been his passion since knee-high to a grasshopper!

Shaun Gill

Shaun Gill - Director

A self-confessed "Geek", Shaun is our PPC Consultant and tackles many of our Pay Per Click campaigns, is highly conversant with search engine optimisation, has built numerous websites and has an unearthy grasp of advanced Excel techniques!

Any down-time is filled with driving minature cars and volunteering as Webmaster for Clubcento, and for some bizarre reason, he chooses to throw himself out of planes at 15,000ft too? Weird.