Internet Explorer 6 Support

In 2010, we at LandingNet took the huge decision to drop support for IE6 as standard on any new website build.

IE6 Binned

"You must be mad!" we hear you say.

But we believe we're being more honest and open. We're not saying we wont support the browser at all, we're just giving Clients the option.

Some Agencies state they build all new websites to be IE6 compatible, but to do this they simply add the additional cost into the Clients quote at the start. We look at similar industries browser usage and provide an estimate on how many website visitors will be using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). This allows us to present a realistic quote for the additional work, so Clients can decide how important it is to their business.

"So why doesn't your code work in IE6 as standard?"

Fair question - well, all of our sites are correctly built to 'Web Standards' and pass full validation by W3C (the guys that set HTML standards). The problem with IE6 is that it doesn't display web standard code correctly. LandingNet (and all other web development agencies) have to add whole new sets of rules to the code for it to display correctly. In addition to this, IE6 doesn't display images in the same way, so transparent images simply don't work, which can be a real hindrance to the web designer. Finally, there are the IE6 abnormalities, these are issues that affect a website, but only sporadically, which makes fixing them a highly frustrating task to say the least.

"So, what if you don't have the budget for additional IE6 support?"

Our sites may not display perfectly in IE6, but we always install a script that detects IE6 users and displays a subtle banner recommending they visit the official Microsoft website to upgrade their browser.

Job done!