Creating websites that are accessible for people with disabilities
Unique identity of a website
An advertising programme service offered by Google
Alt Text
Alternative text used on image tags
Anchor Text
Text on a webpage that is click-able to take you to another page
Back link
A link from one website linking to another
Placing a bid on an item
A frequently updated journal for publication on the internet for people to read
An automated program which visits pages on the internet for the collection of data
Click through Rate
The percentage of clicks on a link
Click Tracking
Monitoring clicks on a paid advertisement
Cost Per Click
The amount you are charged when anyone clicks on your advert
An automated program that crawls the web to gather data for search engine inclusion
Cross Linking
Two websites linking to each other
Cascading Style Sheets. Language which adds style and layout to a website
A site containing a list of websites in categories
Domain Name
A unique name that identifies a website
A directory run by volunteers
Dynamic Content
Items or content pulled from a database to be displayed on a page at the time the page is requested
Email accounts
For a more professional email address (for example: rather than an account can be setup along with your hosting package. You can then access your emails from any computer with internet access or set-up Microsoft Outlook to receive and handle your emails
Entry Page
The first page visited by a user into a website
Error Page
A webpage that appears when a page has been requested that no longer exists
Exit Page
The page from which a user leaves a website
Animation software developed my Macromedia
A format used to pull content from one page to be displayed on another
Crawler or spider belonging to Google
Header Tag
A commonly used tag for titles on a webpage
Images and content retrieved from files to be displayed on a webpage to an individual user
Language that is used to write web documents
Click-able links pointing to content on a different page. Can also point to content on the same page
The number of times an ad has been displayed
Inbound Links
Links pointing to a website from external websites
Commonly referred to as the front page of a website
IP Address
A numeric address of a computer which is connected to the internet
Internet Service Provider. The company who provides your internet service
A word phrase typed into a search engine resulting in webpages being displayed relating to the phrase
A word typed into a search engine resulting in webpages being displayed relating to the word
Keyword Research
A search for profitable keywords relating to your website topic
Landing Page
A page a visitor reaches after clicking on an Ad
Link Building
The process performed by a website owner to get other websites to link to their
Meta Tags
HTML tags used on a web pages specifically for search engine spiders to give an indication of what the page is about
Open Directory Project - A Directory run by volunteers
Outbound Links
Links from your site pointing to external websites
Page Views
The number of page requests made by a user on a website
Pay Per Click
Advertising software where you pay for people to click on your Ads
Google's method to determine the link popularity of a webpage
Paid Inclusion
Payment for a website to be included in a search engine
The position of a webpage in a search engines results page
A process used to automatically send a user to a different page
The webpage or location a visitor came from before landing on your
An automated program sent out by search engines to retrieve data from websites
A text file located in the root directory of a website which instructs robots whether or not to index a page
Reciprocal Linking
Exchange of links between two sites
Search Engine
A program that allows people to search the internet by using words and phrases
Search Engine Algorithm
A set of rules used as a basis to rank websites in search engines relevant to a users search
Search Engine "Friendly"
A commonly used term that suggests a website will rank well in search engines, but can often be misleading
Search Engine Marketing
The act of marketing a website through search engines
Search Engine Optimisation
Fine tuning website structure, content, navigation and links so that they are visible in search results
Search Engine Results Page
Unwanted advertising either through email or websites
A programme sent out to gather data for inclusion in search engines
Spider Trap
Dynamic data where spiders end up in a endless loop
Splash Page
A page that is presented to a user before entering into a website
Title Tag
An HTML tag used for spiders to inform them what a webpage is about
The number of people visiting a website
Uniform Resource Locator. An address which specifies the address of a website
Unique Visitors
The amount of single visitors who visit a website during a specific period of time
User Session
The length of time a user spent on a website
A series of page requests performed by a user on a website
Web Browser
Software used used for viewing webpages on the internet
W3C Compliance
Ensuring a website meets the criteria set out by the World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web
Web Analytics
Traffic analysis software which enables you to view visitors behaviour on a website