SEO Mantra

Google claim there are around 100 factors that make up the algorithm for their natural/organic listings. (aka SERPS - Search Engine Results Pages)

It's a closely guarded secret, but we keep our ears to the ground and pick up bits & pieces of information from time to time.

Here are a few factors that are known to affect the SERPS...

  • Keep coding clean and simple
  • Site content should be at the top of source code
  • Intro or "Splash" pages are not appreciated
  • Use text wherever possible, not images
  • Build sites in HTML not Flash
  • Each page should have nique eta tags, titles and descriptions
  • Get plenty of relevant inbound links
  • The Sitemap should link to every page
  • Ensure an up to date Robots.txt file is available
  • Target phrases not words
  • Page URL's should also include search terms
  • Internal links should also be targetted
  • Directory submissions are still valuable
  • Continually add new content
  • Change links and pages regularly

SEO is NOT just about writing metatags!