Search Engine Optimisation

To drive instant traffic to your website, Pay Per Click should be the first choice, but for a long-term plan to generate low-cost traffic, search engine optimisation is the perfect strategy.

SEO is at the heart of everything we do at LandingNet

When we first started manipulating SERPS (search engine results pages) back in 1999 we knew the positive impact it would have for our clients online businesses. What we didn’t realise, was how it would come to form the basis of all the websites we now build (with the odd exception of course!).

Search engine optimisation techniques are always changing and the staff at LandingNet dedicate many hours to research techniques, guaranteeing we keep ahead of the game.

Google’s organic rankings algorithm consists of over 100 factors and is constantly evolving. Occasionally, at one of the many search engine conferences, a Google representative will cast a glimmer of light on changes regarding the algorithm.

The earlier a search engine optimisation consultant can be involved in the creation of a website, the better the results will be.

Areas we look at:

Accessibility and Usability

Ensuring your website can be successfully read by search engines is the first area we will look at. This has the additional benefit of improving usability, as it concentrates on ensuring all the pages in your website can be found.

Site Architecture

The “building blocks” of your site, such as navigation links, sitemaps, anchor text and footer tags, are all required to be tailored for search engine optimisation.

Keyword Strategy

Here we look at which search terms to target plus detailed analysis of the progress via the various search engine platforms.

Link Structure

Having third party websites linking to you, is an important part of optimising your website for search engines.

Copy Analysis

The copy, or text, within your site plays a vital role in how your site ranks within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages)

Once we have evaluated your website, a search engine optimisation plan can be established which outlines the areas that most require development to ensure search engines rank your website favorably.

Sometimes, search engine optimisation isn't a feasible option for our clients websites. We will always be completely upfront in these situations.

For more specific advice, please send us your website address via the Contact Us Form.