Pay Per Click Management

Management Fee prices from 150 pounds per month

Pay Per Click management has revolutionised the way companies advertise on the internet, with the major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc) all competing for a slice of this extremely lucrative market.

The principal is simple - your advert is shown when an internet user searches for a specific term relating to your business. There may be several other companies competing for that term but you will only be charged if your advert is clicked on by the user, which sends the potential customer to your website.

Be a Control Freak

Pay Per Click accounts allow complete control and can be switched on and off almost immediately, providing you with on-demand customers, ensuring you have the exact number of customers you need at any one time - what more could a business wish for?

It’s getting better all the time!

New options for improving the targeting of the ads are regularly being added as the major search engines continue the fierce battle to get customers to advertise with them. LandingNet are part of the BETA testing scheme with Google to trial new additions to their software, so we will be able to advise you of new features that could benefit your business before they are launched to the public.

Compelling Ad Copy

Essential to ensure searchers click on your advert, LandingNet have been tailoring ad copy for many years to maximise the number of clicks your ads receive. Some of the trends we have learnt are very surprising.

No “Ready Steady” - Just “Go”!!

Pay Per Click accounts can be created in just 48 hours (within reason) should you require us to act quickly. This is of great benefit if you have a short-term promotion or sale event you wish to advertise.

Get the most out of your existing Pay Per Click campaign with Google AdWords Optimisation

Our fees for PPC Management are based on your monthly advertising spend. Depending on the size of your campaign and which search engine platforms you wish to advertise on (Google, MSN and/or Yahoo) our fee will be between 10% and 15% with a minimum fee of 150 per month.

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