Marketing - Get Customers

Creating a website is only a small part of developing an online business.

Depending on your industry (and budget of course) there are numerous options available to drive customers to your website.

The Benefits of Online Marketing

With over 63% of the UK public now able to access the internet and 10 million households connected by broadband, ignoring online marketing could prove fatal for your business.

It's rare to find an industry where an online presence is ineffective, whether it's simply an information page about the company or a whole interactive catalogue, the public expects reputable companies to have their own website.

But creating a website is only the first step, ensuring potential customers can find that site is more difficult. Simply including your web address on your company stationary or promoting the site via your traditional offline marketing channels, will only provide limited results.

Rapidly Growing Online Spending

Concerns about the security of the internet appear to be fading away, with online retail spending growing by 40% year on year in the UK. The forecasted spend for 2006 is around £27 billion, with markets fully established online for the majority of products and services available in the UK.

Even hugely successful high street retailers have recognised the need to have an online presence as more and more customers turn to their home PC's rather than shopping centres.

Brand Awareness

Whether it’s “Joe Bloggs Tiles” or “Coca-Cola”, every company has a brand to promote and internet marketing plays a vital role in reaching an international audience, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, via a cost-effective, targeted medium.

Compete with the “Big Boys”

There's no need to spend tens of thousands of pounds to have your ad shown next to a large multinational competitor. For a minimal outlay you can compete with large corporate competitors, via Pay Per Click.

Take Over the World!

Reach an international audience, with a minimal outlay you can offer your products or services to a large number of foreign countries, with adverts written in their home language. No need for a new office or factory, simply work out if your distribution costs are viable, translate your website and your ready to start.