Website Usability Issues

Allow Users to Browse Anonymously

Nothing’s more infuriating than being asked to Register or Sign Up to a website, when all you want to do is find a simple piece of information.

Use a Calendar with Date Fields

Don’t rely on users manually typing in date, month and year. Give them a calendar they can click on. It also means users don’t have to take their hand off the mouse, which is nice!

Always provide a Search Box

…and keep it simple! Internet users are an impatient breed, so allow them direct access to the page they desire.

Be Upfront about the Costs

Even the best checkout processes lose a huge amount of potential customers, but leaving hidden costs such as VAT, delivery costs or minimum order charges until the payment page is a recipe for disaster.

For a one-off fee, Landingnet can provide a Usability Report for your website based on our knowledge, experience and industry research.

Alternatively, Contact Us for details on conducting tests using a pool of internet users that meet your specific customer profile to identify key areas of weakness.