Time and time again we stumble across websites that look lovely and pretty, but when you try to use them, it’s like a Mensa challenge! Read some of the Common Usability Issues.

Website usability has become a massive area for business owners to focus on. If a potential customer can’t find what they want or don’t understand how to buy from you, they don’t call or email you, they go to your competitor!

Making life easy is the key - we use the internet because it makes all sorts of actions, quicker and simpler.

Buying a cd online is now far more appealing than driving into town on a Saturday afternoon, hunting for a parking space, fighting though hoards of shoppers, finding the correct aisle in the store and avoiding the sales pitch from instore promotions.

The likes of Amazon and have spent a fortune on honing their online shopping experience so that users can register easily, find exactly what they want in 2 or 3 clicks and purchase in a matter of seconds.

Ignore “User-Centred Design” at your cost! We offer Usability Testing as part of our marketing research.