Our Work within the Financial Services Sector

LandingNet was born from our deep understanding of taking financial services into an online environment. It is in this arena that LandingNet has gained considerable experience.

Debt Help and Advice

Initially we created websites for free online debt advice, such as Payplan (www.payplan.com) and Debt Help Scotland (www.debthelpscotland.co.uk) plus a peer-to-peer forum, Debt Questions (www.debtquestions.co.uk) for debtors to share experiences and exchange tips and advice on resolving personal debt issues.

Search engine promotion was the key to the success of these websites, mixing Pay Per Click(PPC) promotion and natural/organic rankings (SEO) with generation of regular, targeted blog posts, email marketing campaigns and social media integration.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

With more of a focus on business debt, we created Harrisons Insolvency website (www.harrisonsinsolvency.co.uk) so that it was completely search engine friendly and ready to be promoted online.

Mortgages and Conveyancing

Then came ancillary financial services such as Who’s Lending? (www.whoslending.co.uk) which sourced mortgage quotes for those suffering financial issues.

Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance products were then launched via Cover My Business (www.covermybusiness.co.uk), to assist self-employed individuals to source cheaper business insurance quote using in-depth dynamic online forms.

Boat Insurance

Later we went a stage further with Cover My Boat (www.covermyboat.co.uk) and by working closely with Lloyds of London Underwriters and Mercia Marine, a boat insurance broker, we were able to create one of the most advanced online boat insurance quote facilities in the UK.

School Insurance

Working with a local insurance broker, we are currently in the process of developing a school insurance website and rolling out an online marketing plan for them incorporating search engine marketing and social media marketing.

All our financial services projects have involved working to tight FSA compliance so we are well versed on identifying potential issues with websites and online systems that contravene FSA guidelines (thus avoiding potentially huge fines!).

For more information or to discuss the needs of your financial services company, please contact LandingNet on 0843 289 0120. We look forward to offering you our wealth of experience in taking financial services online, whilst still meeting the strictest of marketing budgets.