Yahoo Search Suggest

Search Suggest isn’t exactly a new, Google have been using Search suggest for some time, however, Yahoo.com have now added this feature to their own search engine.

Search Suggest helps you when you type a query into the search engine by trying to guess what it is you are searching for by presenting those terms for you to easily click on to save you time in typing the whole term yourself.


Yahoo Search Suggestion feature can also be useful when you are not sure of a spelling. If for some reason or another you are wanting to find information on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yahoo Search Suggest will present the name for you to save you time on trying to find the correct spelling.

Search Suggest also works well for Search Engine Optimisers as well as for your Pay Per Click campaigns as terms that would pop up in the suggestion feature are more than likely to be popular terms from Yahoo’s search history. Therefore, you can take the suggestions and impliment them into your campaigns as well finding new keywords in which to target on your website.