UK Companies Ignor Emails

44% of major UK companies are losing revenue by ignoring their emails from their customers!

Research performed by eGain taken place between December 2006 and March 2007, queried 125 major UK companies across an array of industry sectors.

egain.gifAnalysts acted as potential customers and submitted forms and emails regarding the companies products or services to see what kind of response they would get. These companies were then evaluated on the speed and quality of response.

The survey revealed that a massive 38% of companies did not respond to emails and 6% did not even offer email contact on their websites!

The study also revealed that 67% of companies failed to respond within 24 hours and only 18% of companies sent an automatic acknowledgement as an initial response to customer’s emails.

Telecommunications services were the worst performers where 58% of emails sent were totally ignored, whilst the retail sector were the best performers who gave some kind of response to 70% of emails sent.

The survey has proved to be shocking! It really is an area that seems to be lacking and must be very frustrating for the consumer. How do companies expect to sell their products and services to potential customers if they let them down at the first hurdle? First contact is something that is stressed upon in most businesses, and for those who submit forms and send emails, how you respond as a company will determine whether the potential customer will purchase your product or take up your service.

This really is a lesson for us all and a reveals an area in customer service that businesses are lacking.