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Keeping it local – Search Engine Help for Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire

It’s all doom and gloom at the moment with economic downturn, businesses forced to issue mass redundancies and yet another celebrity big brother looming in the distance!

There is some good news though!

One area continues to grow in this stark environment…online sales, internet sales, buying on the interweb, call it what you like – it’s up 16% on 2007!

As more and more technophobe’s crank up their pc’s and “log-on” to the world wide web to make their first online purchase, the high streets are getting quieter and quieter. With no large toy departments courtesy of Woolworths to entertain the men and children whilst on family shopping trips anymore, things are looking bleek for high street shopping in 2009.

Now is the time for businesses to start pushing their websites. If you have survived the first round of the UK reccession, there’s a good chance several of your competitors haven’t. So seize the day and pump some cash into promoting your business online today.

LandingNet can help you gain some competitive advantage in 2009. With Search Engines still the main source of traffic to any major online business, this is usually the first place we look. Some well targetted search term analysis will show us the best form of traffic to generate to your website, then we can look at more innovative concepts to capture your customers and keep them coming back.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat and see what we can do to help your business grow in 2009.