Is Google Calendar Secure?


Chris Pirillo has discovered that if you search for public documents in Googles online calendar, you will be presented with hunderds of unprotected documents which include Google’s registered users login details!

Just a search on Google Calendar in “Search Public Calendars” with the keyword “password” or “login” will instantly reveal results. Not only will you see the information for that particular result, you will also be able to view any events posted by that user in their personal calendar.

Google Calendar is an online contact and time management web application offered freely by Google. It works much the same as Microsoft Outlook, except this is an online version

Whether this could be classed as a security flaw or not is negotiable. An event is made public before anyone can view the information posted, but if nothing else, at least it might make people think twice before sharing information publically that could be considered confidential.

After browsing around Google Calendar, it would seem that people are possibly not fully aware just how much information they are sharing in the public domain.

Using Google Calendar for time management is a good idea, even having the ability to make information public when it makes sense could be classed as resourceful, but when you come across information from a someone in New York which tells you dates and times for when they are on vacation, doctors appointment and when they need to pay their bills kind of makes you think people may not fully aware that this kind of information is availble for anyone to see.