How can using Pinterest benefit you and your business?

Never heard of Pinterest? Let us teach you about this amazing social networking site, that is famous if not for the social networking going on inside the website itself, but how it branded itself and went viral through the internet in a matter of weeks. Pinterest is the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors per month, and there are even some people claiming to be making over $1000 daily from Pinterest already.

But how can this interenet phenomenon help with marketing my business?

Pinterest can help you broadcast the more fun and creative side of your business. This is particularly helpful if the things you deal with in your business are well…boring! Amusing pictures that relate to your business can help engage your clients and bring in more customers for you. Everyone likes dealing with people that have a good sense of humour!

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The main thing is that, like with all social media websites, using Pinterest is definitely not about the hard sell. It’s letting your customers get an insight into what makes your business tick, what inspires you, and your sense of humour.
For better coverage on Pinterest for your business, why not try linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your pinterest account? This will help broadcast your social media outlets…through your social media outlets!


Sign up here: http://pinterest.com/ and click the ‘Join Pinterest’ button.

Ensure when your signing up that you don’t sign up with your email address, as this is a lengthy process. Sign up using your twitter or facebook account.

Check out LandingNet’s very own Pinterest page here!