Google Checkout

google_checkout.gifGoogle Checkout is Googles version of an online payment software which was launched in the UK in April of this year.

Google Checkout has been compared to eBays PayPal, however, it does not allow the transferring of funds from one person to another. It basically provides consumers with an easy online payment system that can be applied to websites who sell products or services online.

checkout_listings.jpgWhat is really interesting about using the Google Checkout system, is that Googles Swerling has said that by using Google Checkout, this could make a difference to your quality score which determines your ranking position in Google Adwords (Your pay per click management campaigns).

The reasoning behind this is that having Google Checkout may not in itself affect your ranking position, but having the checkout badge next to your listing could encourage people to click on your ad, therefore increasing your Click through rate (CTR).

Googles Swerling said:

It would have an effect to some extent. Having a Checkout badge does’nt affect your ranking per se, but it could feed into the quality score. Our proposition is much simpler that that, though. Google Checkout is a product that users appreciate and which solves a problem for merchants: how to attract buyers.