Google’s Project Glass is predicted to be a ‘smash hit’

Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses were unveiled on Monday by Google on their Google + page (surprise surprise!). Project Glass was spawned from the evil geniuses  that live in Google X ( Google’s “secret lab” that concentrates on long-term projects) They released some early videos and images along with the idea’s release, that give you an idea of what features will be incorporated into Project Glass. Some of these things include voice commands, video chat, location check-ins, maps (outside and in-store), and much more.Google's project glass augmented reality glasses

It seems that Google have decided that Project Glass is going to be more than just a concept, somebody who has used the glasses personally stated, “They help you to save time. If I want to take a picture I don’t have to reach into my pocket and take out my phone or my camera, I can just press a button at the top of the glasses and that’s it.” In late February of this year, it was reported that Google Employees associated with this project confirmed the glasses would be on sale to the public for about $250 to $600 dollars by the end of 2013. It has also been reported though, that the project is very far from the beta testing stage, so I think It’s safe to say that we shouldn’t hold our breath for an end of the year release date!

Check out the video below, it will give you an idea of what they will be like!