Grants and Funding Available for SEO Training

As the recession continues to bite it’s more important than ever that your website has the edge over your competitors – but where do you start? Most business owners appreciate the need for Search Engine Optimisation but hear a lot of horror stories about ‘cowboy’ SEO companies, a bit like the double glazing trade 20 years ago.

Of course there are no guarantees with SEO, we are all at the mercy of Google and you should always be wary of companies promising the earth e.g. “We guarantee the Number 1 spot on Google”. At LandingNet we prefer to take a slightly different approach and prefer to empower the companies we deal with so that they can learn SEO techniques that are tailored to their website and business needs.

Friendly, Affordable Web Training

Friendly, Affordable Web Training

We analyse your site and then use the information to show you, on a one-to-one basis, how you can improve your search engine rankings. We look at all aspects of search engine marketing including SEO, Google Adwords (PPC), Usability, Accessibility, Page Speed, Google Analytics etc. The package is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs. Working with you on your website, demonstrating the tools and skills you need to run a successful website.

We can also help you secure funding making it a very cost effective solution to your SEO needs. There are schemes still available to receive funding towards such training, which will mean you can receive £1,500 of training/consultancy and only pay £500 yourself.

If you like more information on our tailored website marketing training and consultancy, or would like to learn more about your options to receive funding or grants, please contact us.

Improve Your Google Position By Speeding Up Your Site

Google are constantly changing their search algorithm ensuring that sites providing the best user experience appear at the top of the organic listings. Good content is key, backed up by relevant and authoritative inbound links. Obviously this is an over simplification and in fact there are at least two hundred boxes that need ticking to give your site every chance of appearing at the top of Google, but up until now site speed has not been one of them.

Google made us aware about a year ago that this metric would be added into their algorithm which was further backed up by them adding site performance into webmaster tools whichspeed up your website shows how fast your site is compared to other sites. But they have recently made an official announcement on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that they are now including it in their search ranking algorithm.

There is a link within the site performance section of the webmaster tools to a Mozilla Firefox Plugin called Page Speed. Of course this isn’t the only tool available to measure site speed but it is the one that google are recommending and if you click on the help button it takes you to Googles help page so it would be fair to assume that this has been developed by them and as they are the ones that control the algorithm that this is a good tool for the job.

The loading speed of a site has always been important. In the days of dial up connections it was particularly relevant but with the advent of broadband it has been overlooked to a certain extent. But it should be remembered the speed of connections vary enormously especially between cities and the countryside and as more people are using mobile devices to access the web it is once again of the utmost relevance as anyone will know who has tried to access a slow site in an area without a 3G connection. If you combine this with the fact that the speed of your site may well cause you to drop down the search engine rankings then now is the time to optimise the speed of your website.

So don’t wait until your rankings drop because it will take you months to regain them if at all! If you would like any help with increasing the speed of your site then just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Free Website Training Courses in Lincolnshire Anyone?

Looking to improve your knowledge of SEO or Google Analytics?

Recently we’ve been mulling over the most effective ways to help local businesses promote themselves online and realised we’ve missed one vital area – training courses.

We felt that with finances so tight for businesses at present, paying a digital agency such as ourselves an ongoing fee to manage their websites and/or online marketing may stretch budgets too far. Instead, a one-off charge is far more manageable and invests valuable knowledge in either the business owner or a member of staff who may act as Webmaster.

Lovely Stats - But What Do They Really Mean?

Lovely Stats - But What Do They Really Mean?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking to website owners to distill their training “wants and needs” into a focused training course.

Our hope is to pass on our combined knowledge of:
•    Website Analytics
•    Search Engine Optimisation
•    Pay Per Click
•    Google AdWords

This will be via either one-day training courses based in Fulbeck, Lincolnshire with gourmet lunch provided or alternatively, at the clients business premises (where the client takes us out for lunch of course! ;O)

The latter would be the more expensive option as it would effectively be one-to-one consultation, with the Fulbeck course aimed at small groups of about 6 people, helping to reduce the cost per person.

One area we feel is vital for any web training course to be successful is the support after the course ends. So all our training courses will come with a minimum of seven days email and phone support, ensuring any problems or questions that arise  after the course can easily be resolved with the trainer.

We’d really love to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have about the correct course content, how long the courses should run and preferred locations?

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If all goes well, we’ll put on the first web training course completely FREE so even if you are only vaguely interested, drop us an email and we’ll put your name in a hat (or similar storage device?) to see who gets to come!