How We Do It – Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

An Overview of our Pay Per Click Management Process

Quick 5-Step Guide

  • Discuss your goals and objectives with us
  • We research potential search terms and analyse the most suitable search engines
  • You provide us with feedback on the suitability of these search terms
  • We create the campaigns and produce the ad copy
  • Constant monitoring, adjustments and reporting


Initial Meeting: We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your goals and objectives. We will also discuss the target search terms that you would like to appear for.

Keyword Research: LandingNet will do extensive research into the search terms discussed in the initial meeting, then expand them using bespoke in-house technology, and send this list to you for approval.

Opening and Linking Accounts

All New Accounts: We can assist you, or open accounts on your behalf with the major search engine platforms, Google, Yahoo and MSN. We may need some details from you to do this, which can be discussed at any point.


Analysing Reports

Existing AdWords Account: If you have an existing Google AdWords account we can link your account to our Client Centre. We will ask you to provide us with your customer ID, which is located in the top right corner of the page once you have logged in. We will then send you a request through the AdWords system so the next time you log in it will ask you if you would like LandingNet Ltd to manage your accounts. At this point you select “Yes” and we have access to your account and can continue with our progress.

Existing MSN and Yahoo Accounts: These search platforms do not support agency management at present, so if you already have a campaign with either of these, you will need to provide us with your existing login details.


Create Campaigns: We split the search terms into related ad groups so we can write the ad copy specifically for these terms. Once these have been set up we set the bids for each term accordingly.

Monitor and Adjust: We continually monitor and make adjustments to your campaign to maximise the return on investment. This includes re-writing ad copy, adjusting bids; day parting, geo-targeting and making suggested landing page changes.


Reporting: Every month we will send you a detailed report on how well your campaigns are performing, how we plan to improve it and make other suggestions based on your campaign history.

If You Already Have An Existing AdWords Account

Once we swap over to the LandingNet campaign you may see some changes with your traffic and enquiries. Initially Google will see our campaign as a new campaign and it takes a few days to build up some historical data with them. We may see ads showing periodically, in slightly lower positions for a short period of time, but this will change once the data has been built up over a few days.

Jargon Buster

Targeted Search Terms – These are the words people type into the search engine to try and find what they are looking for.

Impressions – Each impression represents a single showing of one of your ads.

Day-Parting – This is when we are able to select certain times of the day to display your ads. If you only want them displayed 9am-5pm, no problem, just let us know.

Geo-Targeting – We are able to target specific countries and make sure your ad is not displayed in the wrong country for your service.

Landing Page – This is the page where we send the visitor after they click on your ad.

Improve Your Google Position By Speeding Up Your Site

Google are constantly changing their search algorithm ensuring that sites providing the best user experience appear at the top of the organic listings. Good content is key, backed up by relevant and authoritative inbound links. Obviously this is an over simplification and in fact there are at least two hundred boxes that need ticking to give your site every chance of appearing at the top of Google, but up until now site speed has not been one of them.

Google made us aware about a year ago that this metric would be added into their algorithm which was further backed up by them adding site performance into webmaster tools whichspeed up your website shows how fast your site is compared to other sites. But they have recently made an official announcement on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that they are now including it in their search ranking algorithm.

There is a link within the site performance section of the webmaster tools to a Mozilla Firefox Plugin called Page Speed. Of course this isn’t the only tool available to measure site speed but it is the one that google are recommending and if you click on the help button it takes you to Googles help page so it would be fair to assume that this has been developed by them and as they are the ones that control the algorithm that this is a good tool for the job.

The loading speed of a site has always been important. In the days of dial up connections it was particularly relevant but with the advent of broadband it has been overlooked to a certain extent. But it should be remembered the speed of connections vary enormously especially between cities and the countryside and as more people are using mobile devices to access the web it is once again of the utmost relevance as anyone will know who has tried to access a slow site in an area without a 3G connection. If you combine this with the fact that the speed of your site may well cause you to drop down the search engine rankings then now is the time to optimise the speed of your website.

So don’t wait until your rankings drop because it will take you months to regain them if at all! If you would like any help with increasing the speed of your site then just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Web Design In Newark

We are now able to offer our Web Design services more easily than ever before to the people of Newark due to our office location based in Fulbeck. Getting here is easy, we’re now just a 10 minute drive away from Newark along the A17 so it is no longer necessary to travel to either Nottingham or Lincoln to get your website built by a professional agency.

Do we only do Web Design?

No we don’t. We can work with you from the ground up in the development of your online business; we can take you from the original design concept, build the site, and then on to promoting your business through Google Adwords advertising (PPC) or through other online marketing strategies.

What about surrounding villages?

Of course, we’re not just targeting ourselves just at Newark; if you’re in the surrounding area then no problem – we can build your website, run your PPC campaigns and still be close enough to keep in regular contact with you.

What type of websites do you build?

Absolutely anything you want and whatever your budget, we’ll have something to match your needs. If you just want a static website with just a couple of pages then that’s fine, we can help. If you’re after a full blown eCommerce site with full content management capability, then we can sit down with you and go through everything you need for us to build a system bespoke to you. See either our portfolio, or our Web Design in Newark page for more information.

How do we get to you?

Easy, either pop NG32 7LD into your sat-nav, or if you’re travelling from Newark town center head towards the A17. You can get to it by either heading up New Beacon Hill through Coddington or crossing over the A1 at the McDonald’s roundabout, and take the A17 signposted to Sleaford. Travel along the A17 for 6 miles, and then take the left turn signposted A607 Fulbeck. At the traffic lights in Leadenham, turn right and the next village along is Fulbeck. About 200 yds after the Hare and Hounds pub (at the bottom of a dip), turn right onto Washdyke Lane. Thats it! You’ve found us!

If you’ve any questions about any other web design services we can offer you in Newark, feel free to get in contact.

Newark Web Design