Businesses need to bid Smarter NOT Higher!

As more and more businesses realise the potential of advertising via search engines, the “bidding war” on search terms is hotting up.

adwords page.thumbnail Businesses need to bid Smarter NOT Higher!

Increasing bids on paid advertising on Google, MSN and Yahoo may increase your position in the listings, but with systems such as AdWords “Quality Score”, the bid is only the tip of the iceberg.

Quality Score ensures that advertisers with a well-considered search term list, relevant ad text and a good history of CTR (Click Through Rate) are rewarded over those that simply bid higher and higher.

Many businesses attempt to run their own Pay Per Click campaigns, selecting what they believe to be the most relevant search terms for their industry, then set a budget and aim to bid for the “top spots” on each search engine.

Without conducting the relevant search term research, optimising the campaign and then monitoring ad performance along with click through rates, the Quality Score will suffer.

The post-click analysis (utilising tracking software to link search terms to a goal such as an enquiry form or purchase receipt page) also performs a vital role, ensuring you bid on the correct search terms, have well-targetted adverts and are sending searchers to the most relevant page on your website (the landing page).

Additional attention to detail when running a Pay Per Click campaign is more essential now then ever before!