B2B Networking With Your Facebook Page

I often hear people say “I can see how a Facebook page can work in a B2C (business to consumer) environment but not in a B2B (business tookus and landingnet business) environment” and have often said it myself. Twitter and LinkedIn are a great way to network with other businesses and business owners so how can you add Facebook into the mix?

Well now you can like and tag other Business pages as your own page rather than your personal profile, complete with separate newsfeed and message inbox.

By ‘liking’ another business’ Page as your business page rather than your personal account you’re creating a relationship with them which you can build on overtime by interacting with their page, commenting on and liking posts etc.

An additional benefit is that Facebook cross promotes other business pages as “Recommended Pages” so if someone has liked your page it shows up on their page!

You can also tag other business’ in your updates. This post with them tagged will show up on their timeline which will gain goodwill from them, build a relationship and strengthens your brand.

So How Do You Do It?how to like facebook pages as a facebook page

To change from your personal Facebook to your business page, go to the arrow next to Home in the upper right hand corner, and find your page in the drop down menu.

You can then browse Facebook as normal, under the persona of your page! You can comment, write status updates, add photos, send messages, like status updates and photos, all under your Business’ name – SIMPLES!

So come on why not give it a go and what better page to test it on than liking our facebook page – and we promise to like you back!