Google Adsense Video Units

Google have introduced video units on Google Adsense.

Google have teamed up with around 100 YouTubers to supply relevant videos for people who have adsense on their site.

Video units enable AdSense publishers to display videos from several YouTube content partners. The video units are ad-supported, and the ads are relevant to both the video and the site content

If you have a paid for advertisement campaigns, it is likely that some of your ads will be shown on other peoples websites who employ Google Adsense.

Many webmasters are now using videos on their websites as a tool to keep people interested in their site and to keep them coming back – if you use, or are thinking of using videos to increase your traffic as well as growing your audience, then showing your video via content distribution on Google Adsense could prove to be a benefit.

For more information on Google Adsense and Video units, visit the official Google Blog.

Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer

Google have introduced a new Conversion Optimizer tool for adwords campaigns.

The conversion tool enables you to apply a maximum cost per click for keywords you wish to target in you adwords campaigns and then looks back at your historical data to automatically generate a cost per click on each of your ad campaigns.

In order to accurately predict your conversion rate and optimize your bids, the Conversion Optimizer requires that your campaign currently uses AdWords Conversion Tracking and has at least 300 conversions in the last 30 days. The Conversion Optimizer tries to keep the cost of each conversion below your CPA bid. However, if the actual conversion rate is lower than we predict, your CPA may exceed your CPA bid.

To get started with the Conversion Optimizer, check out Googles how-to instructions in the AdWords Help Center.

Google Video

Last year, Google introduced ‘ Google Video Search ‘ and earlier this year we saw these video’s appearing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages ).

If you perform a search for ‘Michael Jordon’ in Google, you will be presented with results similar to the following screen capture


People can include video on their websites for all kinds of reasons; information, selling a product, tutorials, advertisements etc.

Videos on your website can act as link bait, viral and social media marketing. If users find your video useful, they may link to it. If you use keywords in the title of your video, you could find yourself with targetted links pointing back to your website. This in turn will help with your overall search engine rankings for the keyphrases you wish to show up for in the SERPs.

When adding video’s on your website remember to also submit them to ‘Google Video’ as well as YouTube.