Difference Between SEO For Google And SEO For Bing

Google and Bing: The Background

For many years now, Google has been the most popular search engine for people around the world. Bing is one of the most used search engines after Google and is considered to be a rival especially with their partnership with Facebook. Though the popularity of Google is so much that the noun has become synonymous with the verb ‘search’, there is still hope left for Bing. Since the algorithm is different, the techniques used for search engine optimization also vary for Google and Bing.Google Vs Bing SEO


The first thing we consider while differentiating between Google and Bing is demographics. Bing is not popular everywhere in the world but its user base is mainly from the USA. Also, Bing users are usually Microsoft customers that use Internet Explorer as their browser with the default search engine as Bing.

Traffic Sources

Both search engines get traffic to their home page in differing ways. Google is a household name and gets a lot of direct traffic that comes from simply typing the website name into the browser address bar. Bing on the other hand, gets as much as 21% of it’s traffic from MSN as opposed to Google traffic which comes from a lot more sources and websites compared to Bing and it doesn’t have dependency on any particular website for its traffic.

The Algorithms

Bing search results are influenced by whether the page is linked to MSN pages or not. If not, it may not show as high on Bing’s SERPs, even if it is more relevant to the search phrase. Google on the other hand has an incredibly complex and advanced algorithm and Google users expect to find impartial information on the site. They like the intelligent Google search engine and are not looking for reference to other sites while using it.

Monetization and Site Credibility

However, if you are looking for paid ads Users using Bing and Yahoo are more likely to click on advertisements and hence if you are looking to implement a paid search campaign, Bing may be a good choice for you. Google tends to collate information from a wider variety of sites like forums and blogs better than Bing, is more intelligent and identifies the relevancy a lot better than Bing which brings back matches that are primarily based on word matching.

These are just a few general observations about the differences between optimisation for Google and Bing and since the search algorithms are constantly being updated you need to spend many hours a week just to keep up with the industry or employ the services of online marketing specialists who are constantly monitoring the trends and changing world of search marketing.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is always on a look out for latest tech stuff and is currently hunting for some cool Macbook air accessories and an Android PDF reader.

The Difference Between Inbound Marketing & Search Engine Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a phrase that is becoming increasingly popular but what exactly is it and how does it differ from phrases such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

The world of Digital Marketing is always changing with buzzwords coming and going all the time. Inbound Marketing in it’s more traditional sense is a marketing strategy based on being found by your prospects as opposed to outbound marketing which is a lot more intrusive – had any cold calls today?!? A definition can be found on Wikipedia.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method of internet marketing to drive traffic to websites by increasing their visibility in search engines. But even here there are differing opinions on the definition and many people see SEM as being purely concerned with paid advertising such as Google Adwords (PPC) and view it as a separate entity to SEO which is concerned with increasing the organic (free) search engine results. Others see SEM as an umbrella for many forms of marketing relating to search engine visibility including SEO and if we take this stance then SEM can be seen as a subset of Inbound Marketing.

The majority of companies still focus the most attention on outbound marketing but it is becoming less and less effective and you should be switching the balance over to inbound marketing and embrace blogging, social media, videos, webinars and a whole host of other inbound marketing tools.

If you would like to discuss how inbound working can be applied to your business then get in touch for your free inbound marketing consultation.

What is a QR Code?

Quick Response codes or QR codes as they are better known are popping up everywhere. I’m sure you’ve seen them but what are QR codes?

They are a type of matrix barcode or two dimensional code that was originally used by Toyota to track vehicles through the manufacturing process but they are becoming commonplaceWhat Is A QR Code now due to the increased use of smart phones. You can get free QR code readers from any app store and when you scan these codes the data is revealed. This may well include text and will nearly always contain a link to a website. So rather than trying to remember a URL or go through the painful process of typing it into your phone browser you can scan it and go straight to the site. It is also a great way of sending people to a specific page on your site. Landingnet are advertising in the official Nottingham Forest diary and also the Notts County Cricket Club wallplanner next year both of which have a QR Code on them which you can see on the right. If you scan the code you will note it takes you to www.landingnet.co.uk/sportwise. The code behind that page will then track information about that visitor and then redirect to which ever page you would like the visitor to end up on. If users just typed the url in there is a high chance that they would not bother with the /sportwise part of the url and you wouldn’t be able to track the response from that advert.

They have been around since 1994 but are really taking off now and are used extensively in marketing campaigns in Japan by companies like McDonalds and the UK is now the 7th biggest QR code consumer. I could go into a lot more detail here but don’t want to bore you. For the geeks amongst you, you can fill your boots and learn about QR codes on wikipedia.

So how much do they cost? Absolutely nothing is the answer and they are so simple to create it’s untrue. Have a play with this qr code generator and see for yourself. We are seeing QR codes being used in a lot of innovative ways and with the move from black and white to colour codes it is becoming an art form and in these cases a picture really might be worth a thousand words!qr code artinnovative qr code designcolour qr codeoriginal qr codeqr code made out of M & MsI’m sure you’ll agree they are a lot more interesting than boring old black and white and I particularly like the idea of creating QR codes out of real life objects like the M&M one.

QR codes are here to stay and you will see them used more and more so if you’d like to talk to us about getting an innovative QR code designed or wish to get landing pages that enable you to track different QR codes then feel free to contact us.