Appeal for Richard Branson to launch “V-Bay” to combat Rip-Off eBay

Rip-Off eBay in need of competition

Small businesses across the UK who rely on their eBay sales to trade are being forced into paying higher and higher fees by the auction giant.

Since the beginning of 2008, eBay have increased the Final Value Fee to around 7.5% (that’s £7.50 for selling a £100 item) which is in addition to any listing fees, putting a massive strain on the profit margins of eBay sellers. The increase was carefully hidden by declaring a reduction of listing fees at the same time, but it has failed to pull the wool over the eyes of many seasoned sellers.

ebay fees 2008 on the increase

ebay fees 2008 on the increase

“These increases will help us continue to build a vibrant marketplace by allowing us to invest heavily in technology, marketing and customer support, making it possible for millions of people to discover and use eBay,” an eBay company statement.

When established sellers organised a strike earlier in the year, eBay responded by offering free listings so that those users not striking would make up for the drop in items for sale.

With more and more businesses establishing their own websites to generate custom, e-commerce outside of eBay is likely to rise.

Many online petitions regarding the eBay fee increase have been launched, but response from eBay officials has been unhopeful.

Online auctions of the future

So what can be done to stop the ‘ogre’ that is eBay from destroying the online auction phenomenon?

Well, love him or hate him, we at Landingnet believe that Sir Richard Branson is the man for the job.

Is Richard Branson the man for the job?

Is Richard Branson the man for the job?

Let’s face it, to stand any chance of competing with eBay you will need:

  • A seriously hefty marketing budget
  • High profile celebrity endorsements
  • Top class legal support
  • A vast team of online experts
  • Confidence from the public that you will do a better job.

It’s certainly not an original concept, a quick hunt across the search engines found likeminded concepts:

Richard Branson To Develop Online Auction Site

Alternative to eBay UK

Maybe Theo Paphitis is pondering getting in on the action? Or Peter Jones (not that he has any time to now with all the celebrity endorsements and tv appearances!). Either way, the time is right for an online auction revolution!

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